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Support issues are always hot topics in any family law case. And, there are so many aspects to support issues that handling it alone is often a fatal mistake.

You need to have our experienced and aggressive legal team at Nakos & Nakos, Attorneys at Law at your side to advocate to for you. 



Child Support is meant to cover all living related expenses associated with your children in a manner that allows your children to have financial resources commensurate with the income of both parties. And, many reimbursement related issues are handled by Child Support, including medical expenses, daycare expenses, and extra-curricular activity expenses.

The parent who is ordered to pay child support often believes he or she is paying too much. The parent who is receiving child support often believes that he or she is not receiving enough.

Support is calculated by using a special computer software program called “DissoMaster”. Sometimes child support is easy to calculate using the program. Other times it is very difficult, especially if a parent owns their own business or receives cash “under the table”.

Nakos and Nakos will help you to establish a support order that addresses the needs of your children. There are laws to protect both parties. Don’t miss opportunities to correctly calculate support and to not get taken advantage of. Nakos and Nakos will get you the results that are correct.

Nakos and Nakos will meet with you to go over your various financial papers and the other parent’s financial papers to make sure the results are correct. If the other parent will not accurately or fully provide his or her financial information, Nakos and Nakos will engage in detailed discovery, including subpoenas of bank records and employers, to accurately determine the other parent’s income.

Reach out to Nakos and Nakos to make an appointment to protect your rights. 


Spousal support is oftentimes one of the most contested elements of a divorce. Whether you are looking to obtain spousal support after your separation or you are being ordered to pay spousal support, our experienced legal team at Nakos & Nakos, can represent you. We have handled numerous spousal support cases over our many years of practicing law, which provides us with the unique experience and knowledge we need to represent you fully.

If you are seeking spousal support, Nakos & Nakos will work directly with you to help you determine a fair amount of support that is necessary for you and your household. We will work to ensure that your spouse discloses all of his/her assets and income. 

If you are being ordered to pay spousal support, Nakos & Nakos will help to protect your rights under the law. We will work with you on an individualized basis to obtain a clear understanding of your current financial situation. We will prepare all the necessary documentation to the courts to show your income and assets, as well as your debt and expenses. We can help ensure that you get a final settlement that is in your best interests.

Nakos & Nakos are the legal advocates you need by your side, inside or outside the courtroom. Give Nakos & Nakos a call to get help obtaining a fair settlement for spousal support.